Mey Kedem (Ancient Water) is a unique archaeological site situated in The Alona Park,
a protected nature area of Mediterranean forest, which lies in Moshav Amikam.
Between Haifa and Tel-Aviv, near Cesaria.

In Mey Kedem there's an ancient underground tunnel, built by the romans about 2,000 years ago.
The visitors walk through this underground tunnel in the water.
The height of the water is between 40cm to 70cm.

It is mandatory to wear a mask in the screening room

It is recommended to bring torches, a change of clothes and footwear suitable for walking in water.

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Sunday-Thursday, Saturday: 10:00-14:00

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November: Advanced booking only.

December-February: The site is closed.


The site is closed on the following occasions:

Holiday eves

Memorial day for IDF Fallen Soldiers

Indepensence Day

Youm Kippur

Tisha B'Av


Adult: 30 ILS
Child: (5-18) 25 ILS

This tunnel is part of an ancient water system which operated in the area during the Roman and Byzantine periods.
It was designed to meet the growing need for water, both for drinking and agriculture, caused by the rapid increase in the population of Cesaria.

Beginning at the Ein Tzabarin Springs, in the hills north east of Cesaria, the water was carried over a distance of 23 Kilometers by means of a network of canals, tunnels, clay pipes and aqueducts to the port of Cesaria on the coastal plain.

The architects of the water system had to deal with a formidable set of problems resulting from the difficulties of the terrain, the local geology and variations in height. Based on their in depth knowledge of the topography of the area they were able to solve these problems by taking advantage of the natural flow of the water underground.

Starting at the bottom of the hill, they dug a 6 kilometers tunnel horizontally into the hillside to reach the natural springs located at Ein Tzabarin.
Diagonal piers were dug at 50 meter intervals from the surface down to the layer of soft rock lying within the hill.
From the bottom of each pier 2 teams dug in opposite directions. meeting up with teams digging from the djacent piers.
The completed tunnel became the water carrier.

Today Mey Kedem offers a fascinating journey inside a restored section of this tunnel, walking through cool spring water, which reaches 70 cm height. The tunnel is high enough to walk through without difficulty. A trained local guide accompanies each group.


For your information - The tour includes one entrance to the underground tunnel.

1. Entrance to the site only with permission.
2. Bring torches and clothing and shoes suitable for walking in water.
3. Entrance with baby back carrier is prohibited.
4. It is prohibited to eat and light a fire in the site area.
5. Animals are not allowed in the site area.